• fp-slide1

    SEM picture of a fabricated hybrid plasmonic TE-pass polarizer.

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    Plasmonic source and guiding structure. A nano-hole in a thin gold film is coupled to a PMMA waveguide.

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    Schematic illustration of a proposed ultra-compact polarization rotator using a hybrid-plasmonic waveguide.

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    Five times increase in absorption cross section for an optimized metal nanostructure to achieve better light to heat conversion.

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    TM & TE mode profiles of a hybrid plasmonic waveguide, contrasting the polarization diversity of these modes. Applications for integrated optics: efficient polarizers, ultra-compact polarization rotators, broadband couplers, etc.

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Welcome to professor Mojahedi's research group. The group is part of the Photonics group of the Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto. Below you will find the areas of our research.

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