Group News

Ahmed got his paper published!

Congratulations to Ahmed for publishing his recent article "Velocity of detectable information in faster-than-light pulses" in Physical review A [Vol. 90 033822]. In this work, the physical mechanisms that affect the interpretations of signal velocity in inverted media have been illustrated. [Journal]

Alam & Farshid publish HP Hydrogen Sensor

Congratulations to Alam and Farshid for their recent publication in the IEEE Photonics Journal. They analyzed the hybrid plasmonic waveguides potential for its usage as a hydrogen sensor and optimized a corresponding design. More information can be found in the publication: [PDF | Journal]

Review Paper on Hybrid Plasmonics Published

Congratulations to Alam for his recent review paper on Hybrid Plasmonics Waveguides. Hybrid Plasmonic waveguides since being proposed by Alam in 2007 have gotten a lot of attention due to their unique ability to confine the light to very small volumes while having lower loss then standard plasmonic waveguides. A number of devices has been proposed and realized using hybrid plasmonic waveguides in fields ranging from communications and sensing. More information about recent advancements can be found in the review paper: [PDF | Journal]

Xiao receives NSERC CGS D2

Congratulations to Xiao for receiving an NSERC CGS D2 scholarship. This highly competitive award will give her the financial support in the coming years for her doctoral reserach. Well done Xiao!


Experimental Polarization Rotation Published

Congratulations to Niklas for his recent publication in Optics Express. He experimentally rotated the TM polarization of a silicon waveguide to the TE polarization with insertion losses as low as 1.5 dB and polarization extinction ratios larger than 13.5 dB. A ultracompact (3.7 μm long) hybrid plasmonic polarization rotator operating around 1.55 μm for integrated silicon photonics circuits is used for the rotation. [PDF | Journal]