Lab Openings

Students (Graduate and Undergraduate)

We have openings for highly motivated and outstanding graduate students (MASc, PhD levels) as well as higher year undergraduate students looking for a research project during the term, summer, or an undergraduate thesis research.

Please contact Prof. Mo Mojahedi for possible projects. More information about our research and recent publications can be found on this homepage.

Graduate students

Undergraduate students

Post-doctoral Fellows

Our group is currently looking for postdoctoral researchers with a theoretical and/or experimental background in EM and or photonics. A Ph.D. in engineering or the physical sciences is required. The following is a list of preferred skills:

  • Numerical Simulation Tools (e.g. FDTD, FEM)
  • Photonic and or Antenna device measurement (linear characterization, )
  • Sample fabrication (Nano & Micro) in an cleanroom enviroment

For further information please contact Prof. Mo Mojahedi.